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About Us

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Lauren and Josh

Josh and I met when we were about three years old in the Pocono Mountains, PA because our parents were friends. We went to different school's but always included each other in birthdays, events, movie outings, etc. We both grew up being outside and doing everything that comes along with that. We lost touch after high school for about 15 years (!), but then reconnected in 2015. Josh moved to Raleigh and we've been together ever since. We bought a house in Raleigh 2016, but always dreamt of eventually having more property and doing something creative with it. We sold our house and bought the farm in October 2020 and are hard at work transforming it!

Leenie and Harry

Our brilliant farm hands / grounds keepers / master gardeners / my parents / everything. They were living in Portland, OR for a few years after moving from the Poconos, PA and were ready to move back east. Leenie said to Josh and I in 2018, "wouldn't it be great to have a flower farm??" And so the vision began. Leenie has been a gardener for most of her life and Harry was the head of maintenance for a small community for a big chunk of his. They have so much experience and knowledge. We couldn't be doing this without them!   

Bottom of the Fox Farm
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In trying to figure out what to name the flower farm, we wanted to make sure we honored all of our families, how we all came together, and how now, we’re all back together. We both always heard about a few places our parents hung out at in the Poconos in the 70’s... playing music, relaxing, being outside. Bottom of the Fox was one of them. This felt like the best way to roll our families, the vibe, and what we want our farm to be into one... by naming it Bottom of the Fox Farm. Somewhere where everyone is welcome, to pick flowers, relax, be outside, celebrate, and support each other.

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