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Rent Winnie

Looking to add personality and a touch of vintage to your next event?

Consider renting Winnie!


Option 1: 

Build Your Own Bouquet Bar / Guest Favor - Minimum 4 buckets of blooms $90/each, $100 set up, $50/hour

Two hour minimum

A Bottom of the Fox Farm team member will bring Winnie to your event and set up a BYO Bouquet bar. Your guests come to the bar, we will help them with arranging best practices, and encourage them to be creative while making the bouquet that they love. We will snip the ends, rubber band the bouquet, and wrap it. We will then write their names on the wrap and hold in a bucket of water for them to grab on their way out. (4 buckets typically covers 50 people)

Option 2:

Table number / Guest favor, $12 mason jar arrangement, $50/hour

Two hour minimum

Guests come to Winnie to get their table number and also a small mason jar bouquet to take to their seat and then take home with them. A Bottom of the Fox Farm team member will be managing this station.

Option 3:
Vintage seating area / photo opp set up, $600 for 6 hours, $50/hour for additional hours

We will set Winnie up with a seating area complete with two vintage chairs, a side table, rug, awning, twinkle lights, and plants / bouquets. The van doors will remain open so you can also sit inside.   


We welcome any other ideas you may have! Let's chat about including Winnie at your next event! ​Please fill out the form on our Contact page and we will get back to you within 48 hours. 


Options are dependent on availability. Please give us as much advanced notice as possible.

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